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Make your imagination fly

Make me walk by keeping the cursor on me


Looking for help?

I´m all ears


Who am I?

Hey! My name is Julen. 

I´m 28 years old and  I live in a small town next to Bilbao, in Biscay, Spain.

I´ve been working for years in different studios and companies, but one day I dediced to make the move.

Now, I´m a full time freelance rigging artist and I´m looking for people and companies with whom to share my skills.

It´s up to me to contribute my grain of sand .


I´ve sculpting skills in Zbrush, modeling in 3DS Max and texturing in Substance Painter, but Maya is my main software. Maya for rigging, in my opinion, apart from having the most powerful tools it´s really predictive and ejoyable. I use it for modeling and animation and of course, for rigging.

I also use Unity and Unreal Engine as game engines.

In these years I´ve rigged a lot of different type of 3D models:

Humanoids, animals, props, some vehicles and of course creatures and dinoaurs, my favourites. 

You know what?

I think that there´s no better knowledge than we get working and practicing ourselves. That´s why I love spending  part of free time practicing that beautiful art.

Today I´m still learning



If you want to know a bit more about rigging here I share some info. Take a look!

What is rigging in 5 minutes

FAQ and more, in Spanish

Rig in different indrusties

"Don´t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets"

Ludwig Van Beethoven

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